For the first time, the lowest percentage has been seen in the UP board exams of class X and XII. A large number of students have been absent from the examination day. Due to strict measures and more control on cheating measures, 10 lakh students skipped/abscond exam in UP board exam.

Well, here the question arises that is govt to be blamed? Absolutely not, it is only the fault of the candidates who haven’t prepared for the exam seriously and due to strict cheating control measures, they have skipped the exam.

Strict Cheating Control Measures Made 10 Lakh Students Skipped Exam

 If we compare the percentage of students’ availability in the exam, this year it is twice the number of aspirants who were absent in last year. In just four days only, ten lakh students were absent from the exam day.

This is for the first time in the history of nine decades where such huge numbers of exam aspirants have skipped the exam which is actually a horrific thing. The anti-cheating measures implemented by the board in accordance with the state government’s directives are the biggest reason behind Absconding Exam By Candidates.

Large Percentage Of Absentee Examines In UP Board Exam

Till the fourth day of the ongoing UP Board’s High School and Intermediate examinations, 10,44,619 lakh students — nearly 15% of all those who had registered. Here the government is not at all to be blamed instead Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has taken an initiative to make the exams simpler for the students so that fear of exams has been created among students.

But when the cheating free exam is to be conduct then, around 10 lakh students have been dropped out. This strict measure is taken by the government because last year, lots of cheating complaints have been found by the education board like students caught on chatting on other sheet, exchanging notes.

Mass Dropout In UP Board Is Horrific

Therefore, the strict cheating control measures have been taken and the CCTV cameras that have been mandated at exam centers have come down from over 12,000 to 8,500.

In addition to this, Special Task Force (STF) and Local Intelligence (LIU) has been deployed by the UP chief minister yogi to have control on cheating. The personal inspection by government has taken a serious step to enhance the good students to score well.

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